“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. The eye of the Lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love.”

Psalm 33:12,18


Psalm thirty-three reminds us that the nations of the earth that seek after God and seek to provide truth and justice, are blessed whereas those nations that reject God and his counsel will fall under God’s displeasure. The psalmist also reminds his reader that God looks on those who fear or trust in him, those who look to his love and truth.

The nations of the world are going through great turmoil. Even as we move towards the end of COVID potentially, we have the refugees of Afghanistan, the war in the Ukraine and the needs or the Ukrainian people, and the divisive spirit we see in our own nation, a nation that at one time sought God nationally, regardless of faith or creed.

Psalm thirty-three seeks to remind us that the nations need to seek after God. Beginning with families, towns, and communities, a recognition that we truly need the God of heaven to intervene on behalf of our nation and world, noting that trusting in armies, chariots or our wealth, cannot repair the moral decline and rejection of biblical values and the commandments or God.

In the coming days, we remember those who sacrificed that our nation might endure. We should recall all that has been given so that we could remain a nation to this day. We also should look to God so that we can continue as a nation that has been given such a unique place in history.

As we remember, let us pray for the future or our nation and world. May we once again be a people that seeks the face of God. A people that understands how much we need the help of a Holy God.

Pastor John