On October 1st and 15th, the FPCC family has an opportunity to review the recent history of our church Vision and Mission, looking at the journey that began in 2015, reviewing what Vision and Mission are, and working together to consider where FPCC should focus their attention in the coming years.

The Vision Team: Mark Hatheway, Julie Bohn, Russ Porter, Ian and Winnie Carpenter, Janice Jones, Ken Hodgson and I, are excited about what God is doing in our church. We want to get as many of our church family as possible to come to these two scheduled events so we can know God’s will for the future of our church, seeking God’s best as we pray, share fellowship, and worship together.

Various Vision Team members will lead us to examine our recent history and to review our present Mission and Vision, with an opportunity to come together for group discussions, brainstorming our dreams and our hearts desire for our mission and vision for First Parish moving forward.

I hope many can come to these events. October 1 is to get the process going and October 15th will be a follow up to look more closely and discuss further any ideas that were brought forth at the initial meeting. May God guide and direct our steps as we work together, asking God to lead and shape our future as His
church, First Parish.

Pastor John