According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Dog Days of Summer occur from July 3rd until August 11th each year, thankfully that means we’re near the end. The Almanac notes that these days are generally the hottest and most uncomfortable days during the year. The “dog days,” is also named apparently for the ‘dog star,’ Sirius which is seen in the sky from early July until mid-August.

For some, these days are an opportunity to get away. Seeking vacation, relaxation or a time to see family and friends. Perhaps a chance to find a respite from the heat? I certainly understand why people seek relief in the summer. Personally, fall is my favorite time of year, and each day we are closer to falling leaves and the amazing color palette on display especially here in New England.

But since we are still in the “dog days,” what will we do? How can we make the hottest time of year more enjoyable? What can we focus on in those moments of discomfort?
Each day, Kathy and I check our garden for summer fruit. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash beans and lettuce. Although it’s hot this time of year, gardening can show just what can happen when the garden gets the proper amounts of water and attention.
The summer also affords to all of us a chance to slow down, refocus and regroup. Taking time to plan for the fall and the coming year. A time to reflect on our faith and draw closer to our God.

As you journey through the remaining “dog days,” may your faith be rekindled and refreshed as we journey towards the coming fall.

Pastor John